Egyptology Resources changes server

At the beginning of 2009, Egyptology Resources moved to the Fitzwilliam Museum.

From its inception in the summer of 1994, Egyptology Resources has resided on the web server of the Newton Institute. At that time Helen Strudwick was their Computer Officer, and I set up their first web server, and as a result was permitted to host this site there. This site has been through many changes but I am flattered by the fact that it is still frequently quoted as a major resource.

Of course the Newton Institute is a national and international visitor research institute which runs research programmes on selected themes in mathematics and the mathematical sciences, and Egyptology is not part of their brief. I am thus very grateful for the fact that they have hosted this site for fourteen years, but I have now agreed to find another home for it.

I am delighted that, again through the good offices of Helen Strudwick, the Fitzwilliam Museum has offered the project a home. The site still remains physically within the University of Cambridge, and of course the Fitzwilliam is one of the major Egyptology collections within the UK, and so Egyptology Resources' new home is doubly appropriate, and I am very grateful to the Director, Dr Timothy Potts, for agreeing to the request, to the ICT Manager, Shaun Osborne, and of course to Helen Strudwick, for making it all happen.

The change of server brings some new opportunities. I have long wanted to change the form of the email list, but it has not been possible. Now we have been able to do this, and the new list is here.

I thank everyone involved in helping with the transition. A new design for the site to complement its move will appear in the course of 2009.

© Nigel Strudwick, 1 January 2009